Spring Cleaning


Is your life style too demanding to waste your priceless time by worrying about spring cleaning? Dash & Eco is the right solution for you! We offer an environmental friendly spring cleaning service that will provide you with an exceptionally pristine household withscents of nature and no harmful contaminants left behind. We will make sure that the cleaning is performed in line with you high standards in order to make your household as comfortable as possible. Have a look at our Complete Home Checklist.

In case you think that you household needs more special attention, Dash & Eco’s Special Requests Pick List provides you with an opportunity to make specialized, custom cleaning requests ranging from changing linens to having the inside of your oven or fridge cleaned to even sweeping your balcony, so you can just relax enjoying the beautiful spring breeze.

Spring Cleaning, the Natural Way

As soon as the plants and trees start bloom, many of us find ourselves suffering from hay fever. Why have a relaxing sunny day become an unpleasant experience just because of allergies? In order to prevent the experience of having teary eyes and runny nose, Dash & Eco’s environmentally friendly cleaning services reduce most irritants that may trigger asthma or various other unpleasant allergies.

Our microfiber cloths, for example, are denser and more effective than cotton cloths, and our microfiber vacuum filters remove 99.97% of airborne particles!