Frequently Asked Questions


How is Eco & Dash different from other cleaning services?

Dash & Eco is the first cleaning company in Berkshire that provides cleaning services that are of both an excellent quality and environmentally friendly. We are highly recommend cleaners who always keep up with their standards of the top quality and precise time arrangements. On top of that, when hiring us, you become a part of the new era where there is no place for dangerously toxic cleaning products. Making our world cleaner and safer is our vision!

Where can I book your eco-friendly cleaning service?

Contact us by phone at 0118 9473466.

How much will a natural cleaning cost?

We charge for the exact time teams spend in your home so the actual cost might vary from the estimated price. If there is a discrepancy between the estimated time and actual time needed, Dash & Eco will immediately contact you to discuss how to proceed.

How dependable are Dash & Eco staff?

Not only are Dash & Eco teams dedicated, trustworthy and professional, every member completes thorough training. They enjoy great working conditions and share the Dash & Eco vision of superior customer service.

How often can you clean my home?

As often as you like!