Eco-Friendly Residential Cleaning Services

Dash & Eco is the first cleaning company in Berkshire that provides cleaning services that are both excellent quality and environmentally friendly.


Dash & Eco Environment Friendly Cleaning Products – ECOVER Healthy Cleaning Alternatives

Change your life-style just by using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Be first among your friends who can be a part of a safer and cleaner way of life! We offer you excellent cleaning services which will make you feel comfortable and proud in terms of helping to maintain our planet.

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Why Choose Dash&Eco?

Dash & Eco maintains your household in pristine condition while helping to keep the environment clean and safe for the future generations!

Are the following features high on your priority list?

  • The use of natural and non-toxic cleaning products
  • Cleaning teams with state of the art equipment as described in the Dash & Eco Way
  • Motivated and well trained home cleaning teams
  • A dependable cleaning service that provides consistent quality
  • Professional customer service coupled with the latest technology to ensure accurate and timely client communications
  • Using a cleaning service rated highly by its customers
  • Selecting a socially responsible company that cares about their employees, the community and the environment