COVID 19 And Dash&Eco

During this very concerning pandemic of COVID-19 (Corona) and increasing spread throughout the UK, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that we are here to help. With the importance of keeping the virus at bay in the forefront of all of our minds, here at Dash&Eco, we understand that you may wish to book in for extra cleans, something we are happy to try and accommodate you with.

We’d also like to personally reassure you of the steps Dash&Eco have taken within our team (in line with updates and guidelines suggested by HHS, GOV and World Health Organisation) to keep everyone as safe as possible whilst we carry on cleaning to keep your home looking and smelling gorgeous.

We are all fully aware of this critical situation and these are the steps we are currently taking:

Protecting you

All our staff have:

  1. Been provided with sanitising products (hand gels, wipes, disposable gloves) to be used at all times.
  2. Been instructed to increase hand washing (i.e. on arrival and departure of your property and using hand sanitiser between properties.
  3. Been instructed to self-isolate if they are showing any minor cold/flu like symptoms.

As we mentioned, we are happy to accommodate you with extra cleans, and all staff have also been advised on steps to take for cleaning the homes of those who may be isolating themselves and reducing social contact to protect their health. Please do feel free to let us know how you would prefer us to go about this if you have any specific requirements.

Protecting your home

  1. Our goal is to keep high touch areas as squeaky clean and sanitised as possible. This includes doors, door handles and door frames, light switches, stair railings, push bars, fridges and freezers, sinks/taps, all other kitchen appliances and toilets.
  2. We are adding more natural disinfectants such as thyme oil (listed by EPA), lavender oil and white vinegar to our daily routine.

Protecting the environment

As you know our mission is to help protect the environment by only using eco-friendly cleaning products such as Ecover, Method and Dirtbusters and this will continue.

Despite our beliefs however, we appreciate that in exceptional circumstances like this we can benefit from a bit of extra help and so we have a temporary stock of Klorkleen sanitiser (listed by EPA) and rubbing alcohol for our team to use in your home if you wish. If you would like to find out more information about these products or would like us to use them in your home then please do not hesitate to contact us. We could, if you wish, provide a deep clean of your property using these products. If this is something you are considering, please let us know and we’ll get you booked in.

Customer shopping service – decreasing your risk of exposure

Many people are rightly concerned about accessing public areas during the spread of Corona throughout the UK. Using shopping trolleys, baskets and self-service tills that many other members of the people has touched increases the risk of exposure. We are happy to help with your shopping whilst undertaking the cleaning of your home but please note that the request will have to be confirmed to us 48 hours prior to our cleaning visit in order for us to accommodate your needs.

Moving forward

Dash&Eco will continue to monitor the situation daily and follow the preventative guidelines to help keep everyone as safe as possible on both sides. However, in order to do this, we would like to ask you that if at any point you feel unwell or experience cold- like symptoms, to please let us know in advance and cancel the visit in order to reduce the risks of spreading the virus. As mentioned, if you are isolating and reducing social contact without any symptoms, simply because you are following government advice as one of the at-risk groups, we’ll still be happy to accommodate you.

Cleaning your home has never been so important, and we’re willing to work with you during these tricky times to ensure that your home is sparklingly clean and as sanitized as it could be. Should you have any questions – or wish to book in an extra clean -please do not hesitate to contact us.