Maid Services


Dash & Eco would provide you with the best environmentally friendly cleaning services in the county. The quality of our surpasses those of the average cleaning service. By hiring our team, you can be a part of a new era, in which everyone can help to reduce harmful chemicals in every-day life and create a better cleaner world simply just by using our excellent services!

We are here to provide you with the best ecologically friendly and immaculate cleaning services in Berkshire.

Among the maid services we offer are:

We are the first cleaning company in Berkshire which came up with an idea of providing an immaculately clean household while helping to keep our environment clean and safe for the future generations! Thus, our commitment is to be here for you with our flexible appointments, environmentally friendly methods of cleaning, and a 100% customer satisfaction!

We offer an environment friendly spring cleaning service that will provide you with an exceptionally pristine household with a scent of nature and no harmful contaminants left behind. We will make sure that the cleaning is performed in line with you high standards in order to make your household as comfortable as possible.

Go Green with Dash & Eco

If you choose to use any of our offered maid services, you will find we use Ecover products, which are free from any dangerous toxins and chemicals. The products do not contain chlorine compounds, other halogen compounds, inorganic acids, and petroleum-based detergents. All detergents which are found in the products come from vegetable sources. All ingredients of non-mineral origin are fully degradable. In addition, these products are labelled with the European Ecolabel.