Flat Cleaning Services


We are here to provide you with the best ecologically friendly and immaculate cleaning services in Berkshire. Our main goal is to make your every-day lifestyle comfortable while keeping the environment safe and clean!

Dash & Eco is a pioneer in environment cleaning, using only natural and eco-friendly services and thus guaranteeing 100% environmentally-friendly methods. Our commitment to a clean and safe life-style with a 100% focus on a customer experience, is reflected within our positive reviews on Trustpilot website.

The services we provide include:

Living in a block of flats can contribute to more dust accumulation and affect air quality when compared to traditional homes due to centralized and shared ventilation systems. Because of this, finding an apartment cleaning service that can adequately remove irritants and harmful particles from the air can help insure that your home is healthy and safe. Dash & Eco’s specialized flat cleaning methods accomplish just that, with natural cleaning products that leave behind zero toxins, chemical residues or odours.